Friday, March 19, 2010

Four words...


I know-- I'm such a geek. But I make no apologies.

Oh, and if you haven't seen the trailer for Eclipse yet, go here.

And if you're a geek like me, I hope to see you at Walmart tonight!

P.S. Whitney update! Current books read: 19
(Um, it's been a busy week. I guess I should be at home reading instead of out gallavanting at Walmart at midnight with a million screaming teens at least a decade younger than I am. Maybe if I pretend I went out for something responsible like vitamins and just happened to be there for the release...?)


Sarah M Eden said...

I can just see you tapping on some teenager's shoulder, "Pardon me. Do you know where the vitamins for responsible adults are-- Wait. What is this line for? Mind if I join you? Merely curious, of course."

M. Gray said...

My friend and I went to a Breaking Dawn release party. I swear we were the only adults there over eighteen. It was awesome--er--ridiculous. All these people, hurting themselves over getting in line for a book.

Glad you said something. I didn't know New Moon was coming out today!!

Husband put a projector in the basement. Mmm.

Julianne said...

So your forced reading takes a back seat to New Moon huh? Glad we now know where your priorities are :) Still waiting for jello in the looney bin! Let me know when you're admitted! Love ya!

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