Thursday, August 20, 2009

Go, me!

I am blogging for the SECOND time this week-- not because I really have anything to say, but just to prove that it's possible. :)

Next time, I'll post something earth shattering! Watch out for it!


Anonymous said...

I thought you might need encouragement, so I'm leaving you a comment... Hi, Aubrey, keep up the good work! And btw, not all novelists make good bloggers, and a successful blog doesn't necessarily mean a successful novel. Just something to think about....:)

Fenwick Family said...
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Fenwick Family said...

Aubrey I just finished reading My Fairy Grandmother, and I was entranced. I really liked it! I hope there is a sequel to come!! I am still looking forward to getting together!

M. Gray said...

Hey, Aubrey! I found you through Bruce Gowen and was stoked to find someone else who loves Maroon 5 AND Somewhere In Time (AND Norah Jones AND Casino Royale...) Looks like we have some similar tastes! How do you know the Gowen's or are you related?

I just signed with WiDo and am currently working on my first novel, working title The Ethos. It's to be released in the Fall of 2010. I saw that you won a Whitney! WOW! Which book was that for? I need to read it!!

Aubrey said...

Hello, M. Gray!

I'm not related to the Gowen's. I met Karen thru my blog-- she's trying to help me become a better blogger. :)

Congratulations on your first book! It's such an exciting time, and I remember it well because it wasn't that long ago for me. Fall of 2010 seems like a long time to wait, but trust me, it will be here before you know it! What genre is The Ethos?

I won a Whitney for my first book, Spare Change. I was in complete shock! It's a fun little romance, but it has a good message.

If you like Somewhere in Time, you should try The Lake House. Have you seen it-- I thought it was great. And I really liked The Time Traveler's Wife too, but I think the book was better than the movie.

Thanks for coming to visit my blog!

M. Gray said...

I've been interested in reading and watching The Time Traveler's Wife. Glad to see you recommend it. I saw The Lake House--loved it. Sandra Bullock is so talented.

The Ethos is a Supernatural Suspense. It is written for the upper young adult audience and has strong doses of romance too. I'll have to order Spare Change. I'm excited--conversing with another author. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey,Aubrey, Bruce and I do have a niece named Aubrey. So maybe we're kind of related? :)