Thursday, September 24, 2009

A quick FYI

If you should find yourself in Logan on Saturday, stop by the Seagull Book and say hello! I'll be signing at their Celebrating Sisterhood event from 10am-12pm. Unless there is a Christmas miracle, I'm guessing I'll be signing copies of My Fairy Grandmother. :)

Hopefully, I'll have some good news about Santa Maybe next week!


M. Gray said...

Hey, hey, Aubrey! How'd your book signing go??

I'm reading Spare Change. I absolutely love your writing style! I'll be posting a review of your book on my blog shortly. I just reviewed Sarah's Seeking Persephone and was tossing around the idea of interviewing you both... possibly together. I love the friendship you two have formed where many of us would be bitter enemies after competing for a Whitney.

Aubrey said...

The book signing was fun. I'm kinda shy, so I have a hard time selling myself. But I talked to a lot of nice people and had a great time in Logan.

Isn't "Seeking Persephone" an awesome book?! I told Sarah after I read it that she was getting my Whitney vote. You should try some of her other books. I just finished "Affectations" and "Drops of Gold" and they were both so good.

I can only speak for myself, but I would LOVE to do a dual interview with Sarah on your blog. And I'm so glad you're enjoying "Spare Change"-- if you like it, I think you'll get a kick out of "Santa Maybe" too.

M. Gray said...

I will most definitely be hording both yours and Sarah's books. I'm glad I've found you two!! I haven't heard from Sarah yet about the interview, but if she writes me back, I'll let you know!

M. Gray said...

Alright, Aubrey. I just posted my review. Go check it out! I promise it won't be scary!

Sarah M Eden said...

Hmmm. An interview with Award-winning Author Aubrey Mace. I think that idea would be fab! We'll just have to be careful to keep our deep rivalry under wraps so the whole "We're Friends" thing doesn't get blown out of the water.
Sign me up!!

M. Gray said...

Okay, how best to do it? Sarah, how do you conduct your interviews for INFF? I'm open to ideas.

Aubrey said...

Yes, Sarah. Can't have people thinking we actually LIKE each other-- the horror!

And thank you SO much for the review, M. Gray! It totally made my day. (What is your first name, by the way? Or are you trying to keep the mystery?) :)

Sarah is much better with the whole computer end of things so maybe she can tell you more about her interviewing process. I'm really good at the showing up part, but beyond that, I'm frankly not much help when it comes to arranging the technology bits.

M. Gray said...

I just emailed this to Sarah:

Okay, I hope you don't have second thoughts when I say this, but you guys will be my first official interview.... so how do you conduct yours? My only ideas have been Yahoo Instant Messenger or the lame-o method of emailing Q&As back and forth, which really hurts the spontaneity of things.

Thoughts? And would evenings work best? I'm on the east coast so we will have a couple hours time difference.

Thanks, Sarah (and Aubrey)! I really appreciate your willingness to do this!
"M. Gray" or Mary :)