Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Is drool bad for my keyboard?

Running a little behind today. Having dental work done really takes it out of me. Now, I have to say that I have an EXCELLENT dentist who is really great about humoring me because he knows what a wuss I am. Still, as nice as he is, I'd rather see him in the grocery store, you know? But there are four words that make going to the dentist almost bearable.

I. Want. The. Gas.

I've figured out that if I get the nitrous when I'm having work done, it's a lot easier for all involved parties. It makes me forget that my first impulse is to bite and ask questions later. In fact, if I get enough in my system, I find that I don't much care what's happening to me anymore. I want them to calculate how much it will take to put me in a coma and then back it off just a smidge. My favorite part is when I get out to my car, forget that I currently have no control over my face, and reach for my water bottle. It's like a really crappy magic trick; water's in, aaaaaand it's out again. Now, that's classy.

As soon as I left, I went through the drive-thru window at the bank, and I kept trying to smile at the teller, who responded by giving me an alarmed look. Like, I know it's really none of my business, but do you really think it's safe for you to be driving while you're having a stroke?!?

Long story short, I survived the dentist this morning, and I can almost smile again without bystanders running to call an ambulance.

And now, the winners! (If you're one of the few that managed to hang with me through the dentist story, I really hope one of you won.)

Yay for Marcia, who won a copy of Santa Maybe, and hoorah for Anna, the winner of a copy of Stolen Christmas! Marcia, if you'll email me with an address, I'll get your book in the mail this weekend. And Anna, get in touch with Sarah. Thanks to everyone who entered-- I know that you were all hoping for a book and not just the warm feeling inside reserved for commenters, but we really do appreciate you!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think the numbness has retreated enough that I could eat something without risking the partial loss of my tongue.


Rebecca Irvine said...

Hope you are back to normal by now. The dentist is no fun.

Don said...

I love nitrous. I just wish they'd let you wear it while paying the bill...

Aubrey said...

Yeah, it's no fun to pay for, but still cheaper than having surgery for an ulcer. :)

Jenn Wilks said...

I'm in the rare "I hate laughing gas and anything else of the kind" camp. I feel like it shuts off the coping center of my brain but leaves the pain center on. I must have crossed wires or something. So I have no nice resources like that when visiting the dentist. I've been putting off going for quite a while now despite some pain because I hate it so much. Pretty much guaranteeing myself another root canal, probably. Ugh!

Anyway, that was a fun comment, wasn't it? Maybe I should have just stuck with my other thought - your comments about the magic trick and the bank teller thinking you were having a stroke were hilarious! You should write a book or something.