Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who's up for an adventure?

For anyone who lives in the Salt Lake area, here's another chance to score yourself a copy of Santa Maybe! But it takes a little effort on your part-- sort of like a treasure hunt. :)

I'll be releasing a copy of Santa Maybe through Bookcrossing, which is a lot of fun if you've never tried it before. Basically, you go to their website, www.bookcrossing.com, and register books before leaving them in places for strangers to find. They call it "releasing books into the wild", a description whose mental picture never fails to make me giggle. Ideally, people will read them and make journal entries at Bookcrossing before continuing the whole cycle again. It's the great circle of life... only with books! I've left copies of each of my own books (and also some others that I liked but knew I would never read again) with varying degrees of success, But it always makes me so giddy, knowing that my books are off on their own adventures. So if you feel like going on a book hunt, go check out the website and find out where I'll be placing the copy tomorrow!

Also, a quick note-- I still haven't heard from candibaby with an address. If I haven't gotten a response by Monday, October 19th, I'll draw another name for the second copy of Santa Maybe.


Kimberly said...

What a neat idea! I've peeked at book crossing before and think it's such a fabulously whimsical idea!

Aubrey said...

It really is a lot of fun, although I must admit to feeling like a nervous parent, dropping my children off at some sort of eternal summer camp. :)

Karen Gowen said...

I had never heard of that, so I was really interested in the link. Maybe I will donate a couple of my books, too! And I am running a contest if you want to come to my blog and check it out. Leave a comment if you want to enter!