Monday, February 1, 2010

My New Year's Resolution

Yes, I realize that it's February 1st, not January 1st. I'm a little behind this year.

Can anyone guess what it is?

Hmmm, that might be kind of fun, actually. I think I'll give a mystery prize to the person who guesses what my belated resolution is. If no one guesses it right, I'll start giving hints. In fact, I'll give you a little hint right now: given my past history, this resolution probably won't last very long, despite my good intentions.

Guess away-- I promise I won't be offended. :)


Melanie J said...

You resolved to blog more.

To that I say, I think it's funny that you said that.

Aubrey said...

Ding ding ding!

And Melanie is the big winner.

And I only gave you a tiny hint-- I guess that shows what a sad, sad blogger I am. Want to place any bets as to how long this particular resolution lasts?

Your mystery prize will be arriving shortly. :)

Don said...

I was going to say you resolved not to sweat the small stuff and let things slide.

But now I'm glad I didn't say that, because I would feel foolish.

Sarah M Eden said...

You're New Years Resolution? I'm gonna make a stab in the dark here:
You're going to start saving all your spare change and at the end of the year do something really, really cool specifically for yourself. In the end, I have a feeling you will decided to donate that spare change to a worthy and deserving cause.
Just a guess.

Aubrey said...

Don: Your idea sounds like a much easier plan than blogging more, except I'm already the Queen of letting things slide. :)

Sarah: That wasn't it, but it sounds like a great idea. In fact, I think there's a book in there somewhere. ;)

Kimberly said...

Yay for more blogging from Aubrey! You just totally made my day...

Julianne said...

I was totally with Sarah! I was thinking nickels:)

Anonymous said...

You can always save those nickels....dimes....quarters....twenties...and donate them to the BEAN MCQUEEN fund. Very worthy cause. You'll benefit from it. I promise! (incidentally...first blog comment ever here..GASP!)